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Who are we?

Bizinbi is a web based tech startup that brings productivity, culture, and positive vibes to your office through gamification!

We are currently in development, but you can subscribe with your email address to get updates and early access when we launch! Our product will be completely based in your browser, and eventually on a mobile app if you'd prefer! Access to our product will be subscription based, the price will be tiered based on number of users.


Game types include independent games, for non-competitive individuals and positions where production rate is sensitive.

1 vs 1

Independent-competitive games and game modes are also available for any size of team.

Team vs Team

Many games feature a team vs team mode, for small and large teams, and for two or many teams.


Pricing is a monthly fee based on the total number of active users.

Opting to pay annually, rather than monthly, saves you a 10% discount!

Early adopters will receive 3 - 6 months free trial access at any number of users.

Payment tiers can be modified at any point, mid-month modifications will be prorated.

To stay notified and up to date, sign up for early access!





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